Understanding Sony Television Blinking Codes

Many of the later model Sony TV’s have a built in self-diagnosis function. If the timer/standby indicator is blinking, this could be an indication of a problem with the unit. The diagnostic blinking will occur automatically with no action required by you to engage it.

The timing of the blinking you see would be as follows: two to nine blinks, (depending on the fault), about a third of a second apart, then a pause for 3 seconds, then the two to nine blinks about a third of a second apart again.

Here is a list of the problems that might have occurred indicated by the number of blinks. The words in parentheses are those, which you will see for each of these faults on a diagnosis screen described later in this article.

  • Unit is dead, No blinks - Problem in the standby power section. Might check fuse, R607, Q601, IC601, R612 and VDR601 (should show open).
  • Continuous blink once a second, no pausing - No reply from the jungle IC301 (data bus is busy, shorted to ground, or held high), IK video path is defective.
  • One blink - not used for the self-diagnosis
  • Two blinks - B+ over current protection (OCP), unit goes to the standby mode then displays the 2 blink fault. Could be a short in the power supply of any of the circuits.
  • Three blinks - B+ over voltage protection (OVP), unit goes to the standby mode then displays the 3 blink fault. This is also a problem in the power supply circuit, check T603 and R672.
  • Four blinks - No vertical Deflection (V STOP), Screen goes to a single horizontal line then the video signal muted. Check IC1509, Q1505
  • Five blinks - AKB circuit (automatic kine bias), the timer/standby indicator blinks for about 30 seconds then goes to the self-diagnosis function. Something is wrong with the video. Check video out, Q705, 732, 761 and other components on the C board, also check Q218, 219, 220 on the A board. In addition, unit could be in IK blanking, try turning up screen slightly.
  • Six blinks - No Horizontal (H STOP), no raster, goes to the blinking self-diagnosis function immediately. Check C515 & 516 and the jungle IC, IC206.
  • Seven blinks - High voltage shutdown. The high voltage has exceeded 33k and the unit goes immediately into safety shutdown. Check power supply regulation and horizontal circuits.
  • Eight blinks - Problem with the audio (AUDIO), unit goes to standby and blinks the self-diagnosis code. Check IC406 audio amp, PS401, and 402. On some projection models of Sony TV sets, this code means that T8005 (flyback transformer), or the associative components in the high voltage circuits are defective on the D board.

  • Nine blinks - Replace D 6116 and D 6301 on the "G" board, do not resolder as this will fix the problem temporary. Or Panel Module Error or Thermal Error. If it is intermittent 9 blinks, meaning sometimes the TV comes on and other times you get flashing, then change the switching regulator on the "G" board or check connections. Make sure the regulator is -12 or -13 (negitive).
  • Ten blinks - Check Q8014 and Q8013 for shorts, leakage, or bad solder connections on the " D" board. If the transistors are bad, check R8051 and IC8005, also on the "D" board.

Intermittent problems? This is a great feature. You can also bring up these fault codes on-screen to see a list of the problem numbers with the abbreviation of the problem and the number of times this problem has occurred. This is slightly different than entering the service mode. To see the diagnostic screen, press the following buttons: Display, Channel, 5, volume Minus, ( not plus ) then Power. This brings up a screen with a list of the problems and number of times they have occurred. Each of the problems named, are abbreviated as, "OCP", "OVP", "V STOP", ETC. We have repeated them in parentheses in the text for the "Blinks" described above so you can correlate between the diagnostic screen and the blink codes.

Now that you know about these self-diagnostics, how do you use them? Say that you have a set with a black screen. You see that the LED is blinking four times. This would tell you that you have no vertical sweep, which is why the video is muted. If it was blinking 6 times, you would know that you have a horizontal fault. It's not a sure cure..

IMPORTANT: After you repair the unit, you MUST clear the values on this diagnostic screen. These codes do not reset themselves after the fault is corrected, so if you don't clear them, you'll be seeing "old" fault codes the next time you enter this screen. Clearing is done by going into the service mode (display, channel, 5, volume plus, then power ). Press 8 and Enter, which returns everything to the factory preset condition.


I am having Sony wega KV-SW21M83 model. problem is led 5 times blinking and green color is not coming. changed the color ic also in the neck board but the same problem is continuing. please give solution to solve this problem.

tv is flat crt 21 inches

hi there i have a sony bravia KDF-50e2010 when i switch it on it stays on for around 5 to 10 mins, after that it switches of and green and red lights flash on the standby light, it flashes non stop green then red, green and red, so on and so on,it seems to be in intervals of 6 but unsure.. please can someone help, i dont want to get rid of it as it was given to me by a family member thats no longer here :(

No picture or sound. Standby light blinks 6 times. It went on once mysteriously for several hours & played perfectly. I have tried disconnecting power, turn on via manual & remote. The set makes the normal turn on sound, prominant click but doesn't turn on. I can't get it to go on again.

I have a 50 Sony tv which will not turn on, just blinks red then green red green so on with a constant red light on the left hand side?!! Help please :(

My TV (Sony Bravia LCD KLV-32S310A) goes of after 20 seconds when it is switched on. The standby indicator then flashes (red) five (5) times then there is a two seconds break followed by another five flashes then two seconds break etc. What might have caaused this and what should i do?

pl tell me how power supply work in sony tv (crt 21" ) ?

I have a Sony Bravia 26" LCD - When switched on, the power goes off off after 2 minutes and the Stand by Light (RED) blinks 5 times.


ok i have a 96 sony trinitron not sure how big but its big n very heavy it almost takes more than two people to move n ever since we got it it has always had problems have picture it standby light blinks like 20 it it shows on the 21 blink what does that mean it also is blinking black every few seconds sometimes but it always blinks it never stops

That five blinking fault may be a samall fault.that,s only power problem.chek the compots in voltage stabelising board zenor diode.that is broken

I have Sony 50" LCD projection tv, model KDF-E50A10, my tv is working fine, but after 5 minutes or so the video and audio goes off and power lights starts blinking for 45 seconds, then again video and audio comes back, TV we can see for some time and then the same cycle on/off starts.
I talk to some repair shops they are suggesting replacing the light bulb might solve the problem, is any one have any other suggestion.

My (@ 2 yr old) Sony Bravia (@ 55") TV has a plaid picture when I turn it on. It takes about 15 minutes to "warm up" before I can turn it off and turn it back on to a normal picture. The problem seems to stem from the right side of the TV where it usually is blurred (@ 10" into the screen). If I push on the right side of the screen, it will temporarily clear it, but when I let go, it blurs again.

Any idea what it could be?

Hi last night I was watching the tv when all of a sudden it shut down.
I tried to turn it back on and the lights just flashed green until it shut itself off, then it would give 5 read blinks, pause and 5 red blinks.
It is a Sony KDF-E 50A/0 Wega Engnine LCD.

If this is an easy repair and a kit I can purchase, please let me know soon, as I will have to have someone bring it to Brazil for me and they would be coming next month. Thanks for any help. If you need more info, please let me know.

Buenas , tengo un sony Bravia modelo KDL-32EX725 se apaga a los 5 segundos y la luz led roja frontal de apagado parpadea 4 veces como lo puedo arreglar? trate de hacer lo que se describe en el post pero nunca salio la pantalla con los errores (display, ch, 5, menos volumen, y boton ecendido)

Hi I have a Sony Bravia KDF-50E2010 bought it secondhand with a bulb fault bought a new bulb, the old one that came out of the TV the wire which goes from the side connector to the center of the bulb had broke.
So I thought easy repair fitted the new bulb very carefully but then when switching on got the flashing standby lamp error, on reading here about the switch problem I took the back off the TV to check that the switches are closing with an ohm meter but am still getting the same fault.
Bulb warning light is fully on and the standby light flashes 3 times repeatedly.
please help

I have a Sony Bravia 55a3000 and it has a flashing red light with a code of 9. What would that indicate? Thank you!

I have a Sony Bravia 55a3000 and it has the red flashing light with a code of 9. Can u tell me what this means? Thank you!

I have a SONY KDL-40V3000. I am getting a 3 blinking light after it has been on for about 10-15 minutes. Sometimes right away. And sometimes right when i plug the power cable in. I know it has to do with the Power supply unit. Does anyone know which component on the board is bad or what to check on this unit? Thank you very much for your time.

Hi my Sony Stand by light blinks 6 times. It mentions to do the following: Hstop, C515, C516, IC and IC206... where can I look for those things? I cannot find my manuel do you know where I can find this electronically.


i have an older 52 inch sony wega projection tv it works great until today my power went out all over my community and when it came back on my standby light blinks i cannot count how many but i get sound but no picture i get sound for about 2min but no picture please help thankyou

I never got any answers to my questions here, so I called Sony and spoke with a tech and he walked me through it and told me what part to order.

Sure was worth the time and effort to talk to them.

My. Sony Sony Bravia KLV-40V300A Stand By Light Blinks 8 times when switched on. And nothig happens

My Sony Bravia 42PF7320/98 has a problem from the HDMI socket. It gives only 2 colours (Blue and Green only - No Red) But through other inputs (RCA and RF) the pictures are perfect. Can anybody advice me of how to get about it to solve the problem.

What does 13 blinks on a KDL-40V4100 mean?

I got this TV about 1 weeks ago it has a MFG date 2004... IT worked fine then I went to Turn On and Nothing except STANDBY LIGHT was Blinking..?? I COUNTED the BLINKS and it was SIX then a Pause then SIX More..??

My sony bravia KDL-52v4100 is flashing 13 blinks of the standby light, what is the problem?

A 2006 Sony KV27F1207/WEGA/TRINITRON,The unit started flashing the standby timer lamp,flashing 5 times,wont turn on with the remote,when you cycle the manual switch several times,it turns on annd the LED timer lamp stopsuntil turned off and attempt to turn on again,thanks,Rick.

Make:Sony. Model:KDF-55E2000
Replaced lamp it powers up for 3 to7 minutes then red light on front dash under power blinks 3 times stops and repeats over and over until unplugged from power source. I removed lower back cover. I can see where door closes to make contact with sensor. It appears to be ok, however I've read about another sensor where lamp is inserted not sure how to get to it can someone please give me some insight.

Sony KDL-55EX720
4 blinking red lights.

I have a kdf 55e2000 when I turn it on it powers up then it shuts down and flashes three times

I believe that signal has to do with your light bulb. Either it is lose or needs replacement.

Blinking times Error
2 Power _DET (12V Main Voltage)
6 Panel Det Error
7 Internal Temperature Error
8 Audio Error (SP Protection)
9 HFR error
10 Digital Error
11 NVM Error
12 I2C Error VCT
13 Balancer Error
14 HDMI Error
15 Tuner Error
16 I2C CH1 (VERD(IC5505) TAS)
17 I2C CH0 (VERD(IC5505) NVM/RTC)
18 Digital Demod.
19 USB Error
20 CI Error
21 VCT Error
22 MSP Error



I have a Sony 28FX68E tv and since September when we switch on the TV it goes directly to stand by mode and only after several attempts to switch on with the remote command it goes on working without any problem.
Yesterday I tried to switch it on but after more than half an hour trying it never went on.
I come to the internet to see if there are any report of the same problem to this tv set and saw some references to Sony blinking codes... In fact my TV blinks 14 times then stops for about 3 seconds, then another 14 blinks and so on!
Can someone tell me what the 14 blinks error code means on this TV (it has no HDMI as much as I know)?
Thank you very much.

I have a Sony kdl 40u2530 and when I turn it the standby light blinks 4 times.
I want to Know what the problems of my TV.

Hi I have a 60" Sony Rear Projection LCD TV (model #KDS-R60XBR1) that turns on for about 5-10 min at a time works fine then shuts itself off and the red light blinks 3 times pauses and blinks 3 times again. Is this a problem with the computer engine or a simple fix?


Hi, my KDL-40V3000 started to show the 10 BLINKS code yesterday, I will appreciate any advice on how to solve this .. Many thanks in advance ..

i have a sony tv model no KV-TF21M61 does not work. only two blinks.

my sony wide screen blinks code 7 if you turn it on you can hear the audio for about 3-5 sec. then set shuts down does this even if the set has been sitting for hours can you steer me in the right direction?? thanx

I have an issue with my Sony KDS-R50XBR1 LCD. Turn it on, get the flashing green LED on the Power/Standby then turns to 4 red blinks. The picture starts to come up during this period. I noticed the large cooling fan located behind does not operate. I don't have any prints. Can you provide guidance?


Hello I have an Sony 55" LCD Projector and it keep blinking 6 time on RED , and I read the Article on top show me Six blinks - No Horizontal (H STOP), no raster, goes to the blinking self-diagnosis function immediately. Check C515 & 516 and the jungle IC, IC206.where do I located this .Please help .

My Sony Bravia KDL32S3000 has no color when turned on after a few seconds goes into standby mode with 6 blinking lights then the pause and it starts over and over. How do I fix this? Anybody out there that can help me?

thank you

have a sony kv-36fs12 made in 2000 blinks 5 times and have no picture or sound

Our problem found! It is this:

"Ten blinks - Check Q8014 and Q8013 for shorts, leakage, or bad solder connections on the " D" board. If the transistors are bad, check R8051 and IC8005, also on the "D" board."

How to fix this problem at home?

Sony KV-28LS36

i have a sep 2002 rear video projector tv 63 inch i do belive the model number is kp-65ws500 i go to turn it on and it doesnt then in the front it starts blinking on the timer/standby what can i do to fix the problem i payd 500 a couple months ago and really dont want to get rid of it please help .....thank you

i have a 65 inch 2002 sony rear projection tv model number kp-65ws500 that is on a timer stand by and blinks 6 times what can i do to fix please and thank you

I have a sony m#kdfe42a10 screen is blank and no sound stand by blinks numerous times and then red lamp light comes on and keeps blinking.

My little light is not blinking green or is it blinking two or ten times it just countinues to blink yellow none stop till I unplug it. It will not turn on. No sound or picture

I. Have a Sony weta television that is blinking 7 times. When I put the T.V. On the sound. Starts for
A fe seconds but there is no picture. I am not technically savoy. Does this require repair and o r replacement? This ha been a great unit--W hat to do???
Thank you for some guidance.

I have a sony kp57ws520 that won't power on. The standby light flashes 9 times. what's the problem. thanks

I have a sony kp57ws520 that won't power on. the standby light flashess 9 times. do you know what my problem is. thanks

I have a sony kdl60ex500 that's red light is linking 5 times pause 5 times over n over it clicks when you power it on like it's trying to come on but doesn't and just blinks. Please if anyone knows anything I can try please tell me. Tried unplugging and nothing. The



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