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Extend Your Gaming Console (or Anything Else Ethernet)

I hadn't heard of this device until recently, so I bought one to try it out—the Logitech Xbox Play Link. It is a discontinued item, but it can be easily found [new] on eBay (got mine for under $30 shipped). Setup is painless—connect one module to a router (or modem) and the other to the ethernet device you want to extend. It is rated at 1.5Mb, but in performance tests I got about half that. Note that it uses RF and not Wi-Fi, so there is absolutely no configuration required. This device will work with an Xbox (go figure), a computer, Vonage box, or whatever.

Sprint EVDO Express Card Brings High-Speed Mobile Data to My MacBook Pro

I have always suspected there was a mobile broadband solution in my future as I have been carrying my laptop all around the city for years, for both work and play. True that WiFi hotspots are becoming more common (I'm especially interested in seeing the fon community gain some traction), but my travels have been significantly restricted by the low availability of free wifi.

Sling Media's SlingLink Hands-On Review

Sling Media has done everything they can possibly think of to make setting up and using the Slingbox as easy as possible, but for some, one of the hardest parts of the process is getting the Slingbox connected to the home network. Since most people do not have a wired Ethernet jack conveniently located near their video source, like a cable/satellite box or TiVo, getting connected often involves fiddling with Wi-Fi adapters or long cable runs. Sling Media is looking to solve all that with their new SlingLink™ Ethernet connection bridge.

EV-DO Makes the Wi-Fi Hotspot Obsolete

Setting Up Wireless Broadband Internet Service



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