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Review and First Look at NETGEAR's Genie+ Marketplace: Apps for Your Network Devices

We live in a world of apps. Apps are everywhere and lie at the core of most of our mobile computing lives--especially when it comes to tablets and smartphones. Lesser known is the ability to install apps on network connected devices, such as network-attached-storage (NAS) products and other equipment.

What Do I Do If My Router Stops Working? 5 Basic Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Your Network

Practically anyone with a home network--no matter how big or small--has experienced the moment of doom when the Internet just. stops. working. The heart drops, the stomach flutters, and the spirit sinks as one realizes that all of the devices in their home have been left high and dry from the wonders of the 'net.

Review of Sierra Wireless W801 (Sprint Overdrive) 3G/4G Mobile Broadband Card

As a web worker, community manager, blogger, you name it - having the Internet wherever I go is not only important, but practically a necessity.  I can remember, back in the day, tethering my Sprint PCS Vision dumbphone - via USB - and being impressed with a transfer rate of about 15 kilobytes per second.  Yeah, I know.  Things have changed a lot since then.

How to Set Up Your Wireless Router: A Basic Guide

The often misunderstood and highly undervalued wireless router sits quietly in your office or living room, chugging away while broadcasting your high speed internet throughout your home.  If you're like many folks out there, getting the thing set up was difficult enough - and most of the options available either were not changed

Why I Love Sprint Broadband: Round 2 (The MiFi Edition)

Last year, I had written a loving, gushy tribute to my beloved Sierra Wireless Aircard 595U, an EVDO broadband card that operates on the Sprint network.  I used it, well, constantly - in the office, working remotely, and sometimes at home (if the power went out, for example.)

The signal strength and Internet speeds were consistently superior to the 3G data speeds on my iPhone and still are.  This is why I decided to renew my contract with Sprint and upgrade to the new Novatel Wireless MiFi 2200 Mobile Hotspot.

No Ethernet? No Problem! Powerline, MoCA, and Wireless-N Kits Compared

Despite the ever increasing proliferation of devices and services that require a broadband connection to the Internet, the average home has one major flaw: no Ethernet. Even modern day new-construction often lacks the magic eight conductor cable strung to every room, meaning getting that connection to things like Slingbox, Xbox Live, and other web based devices can be a real challenge.



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