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Ode To My USB Broadband Connection

To many techies, road warriors, and laptop-luggers, this may seem to be an outdated subject.  I mean, mobile broadband connections have been available for quite some time, and I think that most people who have been using them for a while really take them for granted.  We'll becoming ever greedy, salivating over super 3G speeds, consuming ever mounting mass amounts of delicious data, and forgetting how truly grateful we should be that it's even possible.

For grins and giggles, let's examine how it "used to be."

Wireless-N: How to Supercharge your Network!

Wireless networking has become so common in the average household; virtually everyone is connected to the internet wirelessly with their laptops, game consoles, and other devices. More recently, it's become important for users to have the speed to stream large quantities of data - either for HD video, VoIP, online gaming, or even all of those at the same time.

Top Ten Wireless Gadgets

Wireless technology is fast becoming a necessity rather than a desired application on some of today’s hottest gadgets. We are developing into a society that expects to receive information or become connected wherever we happen to be at the time. With this desire is an influx of wireless gadgets to keep us in-touch, entertained and connected whenever we desire to do so. The following list represents the top ten most popular wireless gadgets for today’s techno savvy consumer.

My Diary - 4 days as a Blackberry only user, no PC access

So it all started on Sunday when I went to the airport to head over to Finland via New York.  Of course I check my flight status, get last minute emails and other weird things people do to waste time on the Blackberry.  I land in New York and check the next flight as I walk across the terminal, looking with half an eye so I do not run into anyone.  Or anyone else checking their Blackberry or smartphone that happens to be walking towards me. 

Crazy Tech Project: The $25 Garage Entertainment System - Part 1

I mentioned long ago that when I get bored, I do some crazy things. The latest in my (what my better half calls "crazy") tech projects was to solve one of my home's deficiencies... no entertainment in the garage. Seriously, for the common man the garage is a temple. It's a place where guys go to be guys, and do things like work on cars, watch the game, play darts, smoke cigars, and any number of other things. In our case as townhome dwellers, it's a common area for lots of other things, like when we light up the outdoor fireplace in the driveway with the neighbors or even do a cookout and eat outside.



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