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G2 Adjustment and Electrical Focus Procedure for Sony and Many Other Rear Projection TVs

If you are looking to perform a G2 adjustment and electrical focus on your Sony or other common rear projection television yourself, the following detailed procedure will help you do it properly.

G2 Adjustment Procedure

DIY Repair Tip: How To Quick Check Transistors

There are ways to test transistors, using special transistor testing equipment. You have to remove the transistor from the circuit then test using this device, and while it does give you an accurate diagnostic of the transistor, it's a very slow process.

What to expect when repairing lcd tv's.

    LCD TV’s are in a league of their own, since we have been working on the newer lcd panels several things you need to know about these sets. First of all component level repair is virtually impossible. The same set with the same model number may have different components depending on where it was made. In most all the manufacturers sets that I have worked with, the serial number range will determine the parts needed for a repair. In general the reliability of lcd televisions seem to be very good. Out of warranty repairs are more expensive because of the board level repair, some service manuals don’t even come with a schematic any more, just a block diagram so you can determine which board is the culprit. In the latest generation of lcd tv’s they have condensed the circuitry down in most cases to about 3 smaller boards.

Mitsubishi "Blinking Green Light" Repair Procedure

This Article is written to provide assistance and step-by-step guidance in resolving the Mitsubishi "Blinking Green Light" issue. This failure is often referred to as the "Blinking Green Light of Death" or BLOG. A large amount of information is included in this Article, all of which will help you to both understand and repair the 'Blinking Green Light' problem.

DIY Repair: Replacing Convergence IC's on a Mitsubshi TV Set

Clean your TV Vents!

Have you ever been watching your DLP TV and see this message come accros the screen?

“TV will shut down in a few seconds. Please check if the air flow is blocked



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