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Sick of Waiting for Diablo III? Give Din's Curse a Try

I love dungeon crawlers, roguelikes, and generally bashing in the heads of multiple monsters while obsessively collecting loot and items through randomly generated labyrinths. Sometimes, though, I'm in the mood for something not-ASCII rendered (ruling out many roguelikes) and a bit more dynamic than something like Torchlight. I'm also sick of waiting for Diablo III to come out, although it will be epic when it does.

So, are you ready to scratch the itch? Give Din's Curse a whirl.

What is Din's Curse?

Review of Creative GigaWorks T20 Series II Computer Speakers

Perched upon many a computer desk or workstation, speakers designed specifically for desktop computing use come in many sizes, shapes, styles, and price ranges.  From the ultra-cheap and shoddy to the garish, gaudy, expensive variety, it's sometimes really difficult to choose a set.

Review of Apple's Magic Mouse... Mighty Mouse Part Deux? Or Not?

The Mighty Mouse.  The mere mention of the "pointing-device-who-shall-not-be-named" evokes deep regret and even rage in the fan-iest of Apple's devoted fanboi crowd.  The loathing for this overpriced hunk of plastic pervades the Internet, and I echo that hatred.  I liked it at first, but eventually the little scrolly ball failed, prompting me to attempt surgery and repair it.  I, of course, failed miserably and it ended up a cracked hunk of junk in the circular file.  So much for that.

Apple's Magic Mouse

Review of LG Flatron W2286L 22" Ultra Slim LED Backlit Widescreen Monitor

Are you sick and tired of those long-winded, overly technical monitor reviews that just bog you down with jargon you don't understand?  I am too.  All of those fancy specifications sometimes belie the crappiness of certain monitors, so it's generally better to trust "user" reviews or just plain seeing it in person.  Unfortunately, to get the best price, you gotta go online - which is what I did with this LG.  I trusted the company and they did not disappoint.

Uprading a Graphics Card... What Are the Limitations?


I have an Acer Aspire T160 MB-70 PC with an Acer FC51GM motherboard. It has built in graphics ( Nvidia 6100 ). It has a 2.2 ghz CPU and a standard PSU. It can take a maximum of 4GB RAM.

I would like to buy a new graphics card which can be placed in a PCI Express slot. It must be the best one that my motherboard will accept as money is not an object.

In addition, I am willing to upgrade the PSU if necessary and also the CPU.

I will be using the graphics card as an all rounder as I do gaming and watch alot of videos, dvds etc on the PC. It must preferably have a hdmi output on it and have HD capabilities. I would like this to be connected to the TV.

What do I need to know to upgrade a graphics card?

Question: I would now like to know what video card would be compatible with my computer. I have a DELL XPS 400 that runs Windows XP. I saw mention of the "9600GT" in the forums, but have never heard of that card before. Can you go into specifics about what brand of card it is? Also, things like "the XPS 400 should have 1 PCI Express x16 slot" sounds like a lot of big words to me, can you describe it better?

If there is any other information that is needed, please tell. Thanks.

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