Apple TV Review - Yet Another First Look

I had planned to wait and get reports from my friends before I went and purchased one, but my Macbook Pro was in for a repair and when I picked it up on Friday, I made an impulse buy. They place the things right near the registers like a candy aisle, so who am I to resist?

Apart from the new need for an HDMI/Toslink switch, without which I need to continually move cables around, I'm very happy with the purchase.

How to Watch HDTV on a PC

There are lots of ways nowadays to watch regular TV programs on a PC, but what provides High Definition TV?

First off, you will need a flat screen monitor on your PC that has HDTV-quality resolution. Most of the PC manufacturers offer a discount on bundled packages when you buy a new PC model with dual-core processors and with HDTV-ready flat screen monitor. You can be better off taking advantage of these package deals.

Samsung Blackjack From Cingular - First Impressions & Experience

Recently, I learned that my workplace will not be supporting Palm OS devices through our connection software due to the limited number of licenses. As a self-professed Calendar and Reminders addict - constantly checking my trusty Treo 650 to see if something had popped up - I was concerned I wouldn't find an adequate replacement.

Choosing the Right Speakers

Circuits Of The Basic TV and What They Do - Part 1



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