How to Watch HDTV on a PC

There are lots of ways nowadays to watch regular TV programs on a PC, but what provides High Definition TV?

First off, you will need a flat screen monitor on your PC that has HDTV-quality resolution. Most of the PC manufacturers offer a discount on bundled packages when you buy a new PC model with dual-core processors and with HDTV-ready flat screen monitor. You can be better off taking advantage of these package deals.

Otherwise, if using your not-so-old PC, just buy a reasonably sized flat screen with HDTV-quality resolution.

You will connect the PC's output to your HDTV-ready fPC monitor. There are two interfaces available that you can choose from: HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) cable and DVI (Digital Visual Interface) cable. Be sure to choose the right cable when connecting to your flat screen. The most common on PC gear is the DVI interface.

Finally, you will need a source for HDTV programs. There are two ways to get digital-quality TV sources:

Using an HDTV Tuner Card

Most tuner cards are designed to receive local HDTV broadcasts, but it may be possible to find something that will work with HDTV cable and satellite services. Tuner cards are available from your local PC shop that you can install on your PC through USB (Universal Serial Bus) or PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) interface. Your local cable service provider will provide the HDTV-ready channels for a monthly subscription.

Using PC software to access HDTV-channels

Through high-speed internet connection, you can download some HDTV quality content. It's very important to have a broadband connection with at least 2MB download speed. This is more practical (and easier) option to watch HDTV channels instantly. All you need the software to access the channels to be installed on your PC.

Getting HDTV and other high-resolution content is not difficult to setup, and it's really worthwhile - especially when you are already watching high quality TV while checking your e-mail or chatting online at the same time. It's cool!

If you don't have the software to access HDTV-channels on PC, you can check this* out.

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