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Hooking Up an Aftermarket Car Head Unit In Your House

Before doing this, be aware that you are dealing with a potentially dangerous amount of current, in light of this do not touch any diametric wires together as a spark will most likely be emitted which can easily start a fire. 

I finally joined the 21st century (by getting an iPod)

Park Your Car With Lasers

By the time the average person stuffs boxes, bikes, toys, shelves, lawn equipment, and all the other stuff we rely on the garage to hold, there's barely any room for the cars. It's because the garage has become so cluttered that parking a car can be a nightmare. One inch can mean the difference between getting your garage door to close, and running over your weed-eater.

DLO TransPod

Why Does 57MB of Music Take Up 700MB of Space?

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I ripped a CD to my computer. When transferred, the folder reads 57.8MB. However, when I attempted to burn it back onto another CD, I was only able to add another 5MB of songs. I thought the CD could hold 700MB. Therefore, why couldn't I add at least 30-40 songs if the songs did not exceed 700MB?

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