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Better Sound Imaging In Your Car

You want your car to sound like a concert...right?

Here's a few tips:

What Brand of Head Unit Should You Choose?

Maybe you're at Best Buy...

Maybe you're surfing the internet...

Maybe you're browsing through a Crutchfield magazine...

...all in hopes of finding a head unit that fits you.

I find that the major reason one head unit brand is more expensive than another is: build quality. I am going to be focusing around that, and plan to expand on each brand - right now I have a skeleton.

Maximizing your notebook battery, for real

Common Car Amplifier Problems and Solutions

Many car amplifiers are incorrectly diagnosed and sent in for repair/returned because of incorrect hookup. Sometimes the amp itself really is at fault. Here are a few common problems and what can be done to troubleshoot, as well as fix them (my fixes are the most common. They are not definitive in any way. Your amplifier could have a completley different problem, though it is unlikely):

Problem: Amplifier does not turn on.

Installing an Aftermarket Head Unit: Common Problems

So you're tired of the stock stereo that came with your car due to it's lack of features, sound quality, or just overall flexibility.

Time to upgrade.

I will provide a brief overview of how to install an aftermarket head unit, however, my main intent is to dispel some common problems that seem to accompany amateur installations.



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