I finally joined the 21st century (by getting an iPod)

I know, I've been behind. Carrying around a bunch of MP3's on my bulky laptop, and leaving pictures of my wife and friends (no kids yet) at home because I don't want them crumpled up in my wallet.

But those days are over! I finally broke down yesterday and bought a 60GB black iPod video. Now, I can have all the pictures with me I want. My 4438-song MP3 collection is in my shirt pocket. My laptop has more drive space. It no longer matters that I lost my old 256MB USB jump drive. I'm subscribed to a set of podcasts. And I've still got 25GB left to play with. Wow!

So, now it's time for accessories and recommendations from you all on how to get the most out of my new gear. Help me out!

First, I need a recommendation on a case. Kicked that thread off here, because I hope it's a lively discussion.

Second, I need a dock / FM receiver in my car. I'm looking at the DLO. Any thoughts? Post them here.

Third, help me find podcasts (and audiobooks). Steven Jones started a thread looking for good tech podcasts. I too am searching, not just for tech casts though. I have diverse interests. So recommendations would be awesome on the thread he started.

And of course I'm always looking for ways to use my iPod that maybe I haven't thought of. Who out there, who's owned one for years, has creative suggestions for me?

"I'm just happy to be on the show, man!"


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