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Getting to Know Neuros OSD - The Analog to Digital Bridge

...the analog jam is the problem we face when we have content stuck on analog outputs and no convenient way to get it digital. Neuros OSD is a killer solution to that problem... enough so that they should have called it the Neuros AJF (analog jam fixer).

Media-Convert.Com: Free Online File Converter

Description from their web site:

Why use Media-Convert ?

Simply because Media-Convert is the best manner of converting audio files, video, presentation, document, spreadsheet, etc.

Media-Convert advantages :

Micro SD - A Marvel of Modern Tech

I've seen a lot of gadgets in my day, even some of the coolest technologies ever made. Suffice to say, it's great when I pick up something that makes me think, "Wow." That happened to me today when I received the new memory card for my phone. I've got plenty of devices that take SD cards, and to me, there's nothing special about them. However, my new cell phone is the first device in my arsenal that takes Micro SD, a miniturized version of the SD card that's one of the most popular flash memory formats.

Start Editing Video Like a Pro

New Toy - Wacom Tablet

I got a new toy at work, a wacom tablet. I am going to use it with flash, and soon with 3d Studio Max. It really gives me a lot better drawing control than using a mouse. I haven't gotten to use it a lot so far, but I really like it.

ThumbsPlus - Media management software recommendation

First, I have no affiliation with Cerious Software at other than being a customer... a long time and very satisfied customer.

I've been a customer since the very earliest releases of ThumbsPlus in the mid-90s and I've provided a lot of feedback to them in the form of recommendations. I'm delighted to say that not a few of those recommendations have been implemented.



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