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Wejust replaced our lamp in

Wejust replaced our lamp in our Mitsubishi WD-60638. The tv had been working fine till this point now the i have plugged it back in the power light is flashing yellow. Can you help me?



I have a Mitsubishi WS65711 with the bling green light of death. Could I get the instructions and if you will the service manual for this set. It is just too good to throw away

Larry, I know this is an

Larry, I know this is an older post but would you be able to email me the repair /service information for a Mitsubishi Diamond Series HDTV 1080 model ws65711 with the blinking green light "of death". I am pretty sure its going to be the capacitors (at least we hope).

My email is [email protected]

thank you in advance,




Could you please send a copy of the instructions for the DM board repair? [email protected] I have a WS-65711 and the green light constantly blinks and set will not turn on. Also tried reset and unplugging numerous times. Set is in Great condition and worked great before this happened.

Thank you.

Hello Larry,

Hello Larry,

Was wondering of you have a repair guide of what to replace on a wd-73733 model to get rid of the flashing green light of death? Thanks for your time Brian

It's a Mitsubishi WS65711

It's a Mitsubishi WS65711 model.little green power light keeps flashing and will not go off. I have unplugged it several times, waited for 30 minutes to as long as 20 hours, but once I plug it back in, the little green power light will not stop blinking. My power button will not turn the tv on until the green light stops blinking. Could you please send the instruction file to [email protected] Thanks so much for the help.

We just received our repair

We just received our repair kit for our Mitsubishi WS-65711 HDTV green blinking light. We went on line to We gave them our model and serial # of our TV and they sent us the set. Cost about $40.00 including shipping and handling. Put the repair kit in the TV (about 2 hours) and everything is up and running!

Replacing the defective caps

Replacing the defective caps did not work for me!

Just today I had replaced the compasitors on my ws-65713.
The compasitors were clearly bad (the caps were bulged)
I replaced them with the ariganal 1000uf 16v caps.
Everything seems to be properly put back together.
I still have that damn green flashing light!

I took the board back out to make sure it was properly connected.
I actually connected it up the second time without the metal shield
is there any concerns for doing that?

Any other help ???

I replaced the capacitors in

I replaced the capacitors in the DM board. My tv is a Mitsubishi WS-65711. Put everything back together and still have the blinking geen light. It is a rapid constant blinking. Are there any other suggestions besides throwing the tv away?

Thank you,
John Wilson
[email protected]

I have an HD 1080 Mitsubishi

I have an HD 1080 Mitsubishi ws-65909 that we tried ti connect my laptop to as an internet connection for Netflix however when we connected, the tv powered off and will not stay on when we try. The error code is two sort blinks repeated ten times. Please advise? Thank you

I bought a converter box that

I bought a converter box that connects to a laptop hdmi port and to the Mitsubishi Pr Pb Y ports. Worked great after figuring the laptop monitor settings. Bought a new TV. Will sell what I paid - $75.00

Matt Whitlock
Larry Dillion, I would

Larry Dillion, I would appreciate if you could email me the repair information: [email protected]
I'm having the same issue with the blinking green light! Thank you!

blinking nightmare
We are having the same issue

We are having the same issue with blinking light on 73" mitsubishi tv after power outage. Please send us the repair instructions ... we are tired of not being able to use our tv!! We just paid it off and this happened :(

Please send repair instructions to: [email protected]

Larry I have the same problem
Larry I have the same problem....would love to get your info on repairing it.  Wife wants to keep the set, but I don't want to spend a fortune on a repair guy if it's just unsoldering and soldering in some capacitors.....of course if that doesn't work then maybe I will call. [email protected] my set is a 48511 but the problems seem to be the same for all these type rear projections sets. thanks  
Larry can you send me the
Larry can you send me the instructions and the capacitor info to me. Please. Ws65611 blinking green light problem. [email protected]
hello i have mitsubishi ws55413...when i push the power button the green light blinks once pauses then blinks twice and wont come on...sounnds like the bad caps issue...what do you think? thanks
could you please send me the
could you please send me the instructions and capacitor info for mitsubishi light flashes once then pauses and blinks twice..thats it no power.. thanks   [email protected]
Can I get that file I'm
Can I get that file I'm having the same problem
HI Larry
HI Larry Can u send me a copy of repair instructions. Thank you My email is [email protected]
I too have Blinking green
I too have Blinking green light on WD 62628, Can you forward instruction to [email protected] thanks
Hi Larry can you send me a
Hi Larry can you send me a copy of repair instructions for Wd 62628, thanks My email [email protected]
Paul bernard
HI Larry,
HI Larry, I would like the file please to order the correct capacitors. [email protected] Thank you
Hi all!
Hi all! We have a Mitsubishi WD-82738 TV that has sound but no picture. When we turn it on, it makes the normal click noise, lamp turns on, fans work, normal green light on the front, etc. Prior to this issue we replaced the lamp(after the original began to fade) with an original Mitsubishi lamp. It was fine for a week or so, but then the screen started to flicker after being on for a short time. We then replaced the lamp(no help) so then we replaced the Color Wheel, DMD Board, Power Supply Board, and now we have no blinking error codes, sound is back, but just a lit black screen with a faint white spot.   Can anyone please help?!? At this point we're not sure what else to do. Open for any suggestions. Thanks in advance!!  Lynn & JR [email protected]
Larry please shoot me the
Larry please shoot me the links for the repair? I'd really appreciate it. If I can fix this monster, I'll have to pay someone to remove it...its in the basement..thnx and best regards, jl
Ernest Aragon
Larry could you please help a
Larry could you please help a Mitsubishi WD-65833 green blinking light owner out? Please send to [email protected] thanks
Unfortunatley Larry is no

Unfortunatley Larry is no longer available to email instructions.
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