Mitsubishi Tv turns itself off

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Check the link below to find

Check the link below to find your model and look to see if the the pictures there look like your tv did before it wouldn't turn on. You could also remove the ic's from the board and see if it will turn on then, if it does come back on and is distorted you will need the repair kit.

I have a mitsubishi TV model

I have a mitsubishi TV model WD 60638 the TV turns off by itself and yellow light flashes a couple seconds then goes out after a minute or so you can turn TV back on what could be the problem

Mitsubishi HD model# WT 46809

Mitsubishi HD model# WT 46809 serial# 150564. Turn on by pressing power on or via remote, turns off by itself in 2-3 secs. It's already plugged into surge protector, no cable connections. Have unplugged and also left off for a few hrs...does the same thing. Any ideas?

My mitsubishi vs-45603 keeps

My mitsubishi vs-45603 keeps showing lockout screen if i unplug it for so long it resets and is on the menu screen i do not have the remote i had it moving through channels after messing in the menu screen with the panel buttons but it shut off while i was scrolling though nothing is hooked up so just blank channels but when i powered it on it was on the lockout screen what do i need to do i can solder and have fix other capacitors on a different tv

Ok working with a mitsubishi

Ok working with a mitsubishi model ck-35306. The issue is the television comes on and I get a picture on the screen and the a black box shows up over the screen but does not cover the screen completely. You can open the menu settings and everything looks fine but the box comes back if the tv site idle for more than 30 seconds. Thinking possibly on of the kiddos cjanged something but cant seem to find the culprit. Please help if you can

Have a Mitsubishi WD-73740

Have a Mitsubishi WD-73740 that will non longer turn on. Had sound issues, so decided to update firmware. Was updating firmware and went from green blinking light to nothing with nothing ever coming on the screen. Have unplugged TV and tried to power on with Firmware USB and still no green lights.

Im having the same problem
Im having the same problem with my Mitsubishi HD1080 WS-A65 the light comes on i hear a click when it shuts off any ideal's
I have a WS 65908 Diamond
I have a WS 65908 Diamond Series Mitsi. I've just gotten an unusual but common problem, but mine is only intermittent, the worst kind, (sometimes works sometimes doesn't). I bought this Diamond Series TV NEW, almost 16 years ago and I love the picture and around 3 years into it the picture turned into a bowed effect (2003-4) covered under warranty no problem, I think it may have taken the repair man 30 minutes at most to fix what ever the problem was. TV was fine until 2012 when I began to have flickering problems. I was out of warranty and if I was going to replace this TV it was going to be a flat screen, unfortunately, most flat screens at that time, suffered from the "soap opera" effect. So I let it ride until 2014 when the TV wouldn't turn on one day. It would come on for a few seconds then turn off.  Got on the net, did some surfing around, found out how to run the self diagnostics, Came back with a 2-2 (replace convergence & pico fuses). I got scared and decided forget it, sounds to complicated.... but wouldnt ya know it, I had to have my fix. so.... I bought the convergence kit  watched some guy from youtube do this same procedure on the same TV and figured if he can do it I can do it. So I replaced the convergence chips and pico fuses. Repair estimate was more than $300 out of warranty. so what did I have to loose 60 bucks for the kit?  It worked.... until about a week ago 2016. I was watching TV it began to flicker, finally it just went black (powered down). I'm thinking could it be that 2-2 so I did the self diagnoses thing but this time the green blinking light says 2-3 and NOT 2-2. Finally after much internet surfing I found this site.  From what I've read, so far in the forums and being my issue is intermittant, I'm not sure what's next.  The TV would not come on for a day or so, then yesterday, I tried it and it worked. Walla Shazzam problem solved! I DON'T THINK SO. Is there an expert in the room, the set is not worth a pro repair. Amazing how incredible this out of date set can be ancient tecknowledgy in NO TIME.  I have nothing to loose if I try it myself as long as I can find someone who can point me in the right direction. One thing that has helped has been removing the back panel and placing a box fan behind the set, no real science behind this procedure but at least it's not shutting off yet the problem is still present.  Thanks in advance. KINGFISH



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