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yes the deflection board is

yes the deflection board is the board that has the flyback transformer and the FL231 convergence fuse on it. The board just pops out after releasing several plastic clips and tabs that secure it inside the plastic frame. They used about ten different part numbers in that model but its the PSB260 deflection power board that your needing you can get deflection boards with a warranty and installation instructions from www.tvrepairworld.com or www.tvcircuitboards.com

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I also have a model R52WH74.

I also have a model R52WH74. just last month our tv would come on, but after about 2 hours it will shut off by itself. I can get it to come back on but only for like 5 seconds. If I unplug it for about 15 minutes it will come back on for a few hours then do it all over again. I was told it was the deflection board is this what it could be? I have seen in this thread where it could also be the flyback solder being cracked. I'm like a lot of people in this country i'm poor so i don't want to buy a $200 deflection board if it might not be the problem.

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Well here's a list of things

Well here's a list of things that COULD be wrong with it http://tvrepairworld.com/rca_repair_kits I think you would be better off with a new/different tv anyway.

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My rca model r52w74 its

My rca model r52w74 its trying to come on but the green light beeps three time and dont come on

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I have a r52wh74 rca 2006 52"
I have a r52wh74 rca 2006 52". It powers on 3 times with chirping sounds, but nothing turns on. I have never messed around with a tv before. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.



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