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The sky plasma has normal scart connections like any TV that supports RGB and composit video.
Any freeview box should work ok in either scart 1 or 2.
If your TV is working ok on its own menus and PC in you have a faulty video PCB.

RS232 ports ar not for picture or sound, they are for control of the TV, so if you linked the TV to a PC and AV system the PC could control everything rather than turning them on by there own remotes and selecting inputs etc.

Hope this help

Paula Miller
Hi, I am having the same

Hi, I am having the same problem as everyone else on this forum. The middle of the screen is pink & green. I live in the North East (Whitley Bay area) and am looking for someone who can repair my Sky 42

Hi can anyone tell me this

Hi can anyone tell me this problem has been solved and how i can go about getting my TV fixed or where i can get one of these video PCB's


Hi there, having problems

Hi there, having problems with my sky 42'', all inputs to the tv don't work, I was using the pc input which was the last one working, till yesterday when that one too stopped working, also not sure the speakers work. Pls help if you know what I can do or if you can sort it out, anywhere within M25 or near. Thanks. Fola

hi all can anyone tell me the

hi all can anyone tell me the part number that i need for my sky pds4250 i have got the pink and green i know it is the video pcb board but what part thanks bill

Hi Bill,

Hi Bill,

The Video boards are not available as a spare part anymore, but can be repaired in most cases.
I do repair them and from time to time put a repair service on eBay and I also sell some reconditioned boards.

There are a few common parts that fail on the boards one of which being a BGA IC that not many repair companies can get or change.

Regards Graham

Larry Dillon said: Yes please

Larry Dillon said: Yes please let us know how you make out with this set.

Hi larry Dillon i need you help  .I am looking for information on a diode marked V6 33.  I was told that the ECG Master Replacement Guide should have information on this diode, but am unable to get a copy of it anywhere online. Im looking mounts to find information

    Thanks for you time 

r charuma
hi im looking for aremote

hi im looking for aremote control for the sky tv pds4250 serial no p481600



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