HTPC Hard Drive Space - How Much is Enough?

Computer storage space has transformed over recent years to a point where we are actually talking about how many terabytes we have in our systems instead how many gigabytes. Home theater PCs are no longer limited in storage space thanks to the affordability of large hard drives. I?ve been slowly upgrading my HTPC storage by purchasing larger drives the past few years and now run two 1-terabyte drives in my main HTPC. As I was installing my most recent 1-terabyte drive I wondered how much storage other HTPC owners have in their systems.

A SageTV forum member surveyed Sage users, and I’ve created polls on the remaining two major HTPC software forums. So, the results (above) cover 230 HTPC users including SageTV, BeyondTV, and Windows Media Center (The Green Button). It?s quite amazing that 77% of the sampled HTPC respondents have capacities greater than 1 terabyte. Even more significant is 30% of respondents utilize over 3 terabytes of storage on their HTPCs.

For more HTPC storage analysis, continue reading at Brent Evans Geek Tonic.


Is that 1TB available disk space or 1TB on a RAID 0 (500GB usable space)? I always wonder if people factor in backup space when its done internally.


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