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How Not to Ask for Help on a Public Bulletin Board

 I guess this guy was a little frustrated:


Recording Telephone Greetings Using Computer Audio Files

Since I've been doing radio spots for my work, it was only natural for me to also record our telephone "Event Line" (a listing of our upcoming performances). Naturally, I figured that simply using the same method I'd been using for the radio spots should work fine, with the addition of holding a phone or headset up to a speaker. The results were less than spectacular, to say the least.

My New Audio Recording Toys

As Matt will tell you, I get a little excited about new stuff. Anyway, since I've started doing spots for a local radio station, I needed a way to record them at home. For the first spot I did, I used a Sony mini-disc microphone plugged into my X-Fi card; needless to say, the results weren't great. For the microphone upgrade, I decided on the Marshall MXL D.R.K—it comes with a padded case, XLR cable, XLR–1/8" adapter, and a 9V battery (yes, the battery is included).

How Do I Enter Those Special Characters?

I found this out a few months ago—how to enter special characters into a document. I was using a form program called "PureEdge," and I needed to insert an em dash (—). Since I had Adobe InDesign handy, I just used the glyph menu and copied one from InDesign and pasted it into PureEdge. Sure, that worked for me, but not everyone has InDesign handy, and it takes much longer that way. A little Googling yielded the answer—ALT+0151 on the numeric keypad. As I found out, ALT+four digits on the keypad is how any special characters are entered (without some sort of character menu). Here is a list of all of them.

Interview with an Xbox Controller Modder

Extend Your Gaming Console (or Anything Else Ethernet)

I hadn't heard of this device until recently, so I bought one to try it out—the Logitech Xbox Play Link. It is a discontinued item, but it can be easily found [new] on eBay (got mine for under $30 shipped). Setup is painless—connect one module to a router (or modem) and the other to the ethernet device you want to extend. It is rated at 1.5Mb, but in performance tests I got about half that. Note that it uses RF and not Wi-Fi, so there is absolutely no configuration required. This device will work with an Xbox (go figure), a computer, Vonage box, or whatever.



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