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An E-mail from Toshiba

If you read two of my previous entries concerning HD DVD and Blu-ray, you'll note that—due to Warner Brothers dropping support for HD DVD—I returned a Toshiba HD DVD player and got a Sony Blu-ray one.

My inital e-mail to Toshiba was for my HDMI–DVI issue (didn't work). Toshiba added my TV model to the list of ones where this didn't work, but had no further advice at the time. My second e-mail to them was for them to close my case; I told them that I returned the unit due to Warner's recent announcement. Here is their response to that e-mail:

Thanks for writing!

Before You Go Buy An HD DVD Player

You may want to read this. With Warner dumping HD-DVD in favor of Blu-ray, that will leave HD-DVD with only about 25% of the market. I'm pretty sure the remaining studios will follow suit.

PIXMA MP830 & Canon Customer Support

A little over a year ago, I decided that it was time to get a multifinction printer—printer, copier, scanner, FAX. After reading a number of reviews, I decided on the Canon PIXMA MP830. Prints were nice, and the scanner worked well. The only problem I had with it was that it drank ink like beer at a frat party.

A few days ago, it "ate" a sheet of paper and gave me a "6A00" error message on the display. After a bit of research, I moved the print head, and sure enough, there was a tiny piece of paper still in the unit. After that, it worked again for about one sheet. I called the local Canon repair center, and the tech said that even though it is out of warranty, Canon would still probably pay for the repairs.

Xbox Live Issues

It seems Microsoft didn't anticipate the sudden increase in users this holiday season. A few days ago, Matt had problems just getting into Xbox Live. Today, I had to end my Call of Duty 4 session due to intermittent XBL issues; other people confirmed they were having the same problems. Oh well...I need to go work out anyway.


Since HD-DVD drives are in their third generation, I figured it would be pretty safe to purchase one. I got the add-on HD-DVD drive for my Xbox 360 a day before I got a Toshiba HD-A3. Bourne Ultimatum looked great, but since the eject button on the drive wouldn't work, I had to return it, and I didn't want to take the chance of getting another bad one. Target (where I bought the 360 add-on drive) doesn't price match, so the best deal I found locally was $249.99 (minus an additional 10% for in-store pickup) at Circuit City.



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