The Coneheads Have Invaded My TV

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My repair serviceman put in another connection for the cable on the back of the TV because my grandson jerked out the little one inch connector. Now the TV has added cone heads to the people and egg heads to circles. Also, a black line has appeared on the bottom of the screen. What is the problem, and can it be fixed and will it be expensive? It is a 27iinch Sharp that is about 4 years old.

-submitted by bhden1 

Can I Save My Dying VCR?

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I have a Symphonic VCR and when I go to put a tape in it is fuzzy. sometime you can she it but it bounced the other tapes are all white snow but when I put the tapes in my friends VCR it works perfect is there anything I can do with out spending money on a new VCR maybe something I can do because I am on a low budget. Please write back asap my kids home school and need the vcr

-submitted by CandiCane0305


The Dell Axim X30 Pocket PC is like interacting with a baby. It is a smaller, less sophisticated version of its adult counterpart; the PC (or laptop). While I do, at times, enjoy holding a new born, I would prefer being around grown-ups when a mature situation arises (like building a spreadsheet).



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