The Coneheads Have Invaded My TV

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My repair serviceman put in another connection for the cable on the back of the TV because my grandson jerked out the little one inch connector. Now the TV has added cone heads to the people and egg heads to circles. Also, a black line has appeared on the bottom of the screen. What is the problem, and can it be fixed and will it be expensive? It is a 27iinch Sharp that is about 4 years old.

-submitted by bhden1 


Unless you're watching old reruns of Saturday Night Live, watching cone-head shaped people is probably not an enjoyable experience.

Since you've recently had the TV serviced, it is possible that the anomaly you're experiencing was caused by the replacement connector, or something else the repair man did. Most service centers will not charge an additional fee to fix if the problem was caused by them. One way or another, the diagnosis should be free, but be sure to ask them before they come out to look at it.

If it turns out the problem is something else, you'll have to determine whether or not investing any additional money is worth it. You've already come this far, but don't be afraid to cut your losses and move on.

Please follow up with everyone at TechLore in the discussion page. We would all love to know what happens.

Matt Whitlock - Editor,


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