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Why is There an HP MediaSmart Server In My House?

If, a few months ago, anyone told me I'd eventually have an HP MediaSmart Server in my house, I would have laughed them right out of the room. 

Epic Citadel and the Future of iPhone & iPad Gaming

A few years back, it was certainly debatable that the iPhone would be a viable platform for gaming; limited performance and a fledgling App Store  would create doubts in the mind of many an analyst and gamer.

Apple's Hobby Turns Serious - Will the Apple TV Succeed?

Say what you will about Apple, good or bad, but it's hard to deny they've been raking in the dough with one successful product after another. Just about anything put out with an Apple logo sends people into a frenzy, flocking into stores to buy whatever they're selling.

3D TV, do you need one?

Several years ago back in the late 90’s a great new technology for your computer.   it was  awesome 3d technology,  just as good as the new 3d tv’s are today.  They used shutter glasses and an ir emitter to synchronize the shutter glasses with the image being displayed, just as they do today.  They only had a dongle attached to a monitor and some software to produce the 3d image. The monitor its self was just a simple off the shelf monitor that you could purchase anywhere. The key was the hardware driving the monitor.


Hulu Plus PS3 Equals Less Free Time

Whereas Netflix Instant Watch exclusively graced the XBOX 360 for some time, Playstation 3 owners are getting the last laugh now that Hulu's giving them exclusive access to Hulu Plus streaming for the remainder of the year. That dramatically turns the tides, making the Sony's PS3 the most streaming friendly console in the market with access to both Netflix and Hulu Plus.

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