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Review of FREETALK Everyman Skype USB Headset

If you follow my blog here on TechLore, you might know that I'm a big fan of the Skype VoIP product.  Frankly, I'm just not willing to get hooked up with a separate landline phone.  Not only does it feel... so...

Ditch Your Landline and Save Some Cash With VoIP: Skype, Ooma, and MagicJack


cptdano from the forums asks:

"We have done away with land lines in our house. Do you have any ideas of another way we might accomplish something similar?"


The country is in a recession, and your cellphone bills are high enough.  The last thing you or anyone else needs is yet another outrageous telephone bill, but your local cable and telephone companies keep on pressuring you to sign up for their included landline service.

Magic Jack, Not So Magical - TechLore Member Review

There is a new device being advertised all over the US right now called "the Magic Jack," a private voice over IP (VoIP) solution allowing you to use a high-speed Internet connection to make and receive calls instead of traditional land-line service.

Recording Telephone Greetings Using Computer Audio Files

Since I've been doing radio spots for my work, it was only natural for me to also record our telephone "Event Line" (a listing of our upcoming performances). Naturally, I figured that simply using the same method I'd been using for the radio spots should work fine, with the addition of holding a phone or headset up to a speaker. The results were less than spectacular, to say the least.

I Finally Broke Down and Got Vonage

What is VoIP?



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