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Let them charge. Hulu can only improve.

Cash Register on White with Clipping Path

The interwebs are abuzz (OMG!) with Hulu’s confirmed exploration of paid tiers and pay-per-view, in addition to the current ad-supported video content model. News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch, as quoted by the Associated Press:

Slacker Gives Up On Dedicated Hardware (G2)

slacker g2 closed

The Popcorn Hour C-200 Review


Those of you who follow me on GeekTonic know that I spend a lot of time with HTPCs and all manner of media playback gadgets. When Syabas announced the new Popcorn Hour C-200 I was intrigued. From the specs it was clear that this device comes to the party prepared, touting the ability to play back a multitude of media file formats in a sleek-looking set-top device as well. So how well does this it perform?

ZillionTV Expands Pilot, Replaces CEO


If the ZNF tip line is any indication, ZillionTV has recently expanded their pilot program:

Barnes & Noble Unveils Digital Lending

Sonos' All-In-One Connected Speaker System




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