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Remote Control Signals 101

Ever wondered what a remote control signal actually looks like? Well, it's a beam of infrared light that flashes rapidly kinda like morse code, the actual message is carried in the way the light flashes, not the IR frequency as many might expect.

Most signals create the message by varying the amount of time the light is OFF between the flashes, although some (like Sony) vary the ON time to create the message, and a few vary both but don't worry about that now.

Tips & Tricks for Radio Shack & One For All Remotes

This page will attempt to give you ideas for some cool tricks that will help you use the full functionality of your remote as well as answering a few FAQ's.

It is not the intent of this page to give detailed instructions on how to do the actual programming as those instructions are already covered in the manuals (which can be found in the manuals section of this web site). 



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