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New Uses For Old Tech: How To Turn an Old Cell Phone Into a Bluetooth HTPC Remote Control

Since upgrading to a new Windows Phone 7 smartphone last November, my aged AT&T 8525 Windows Mobile 6 device has done nothing but museum duties (filling space on a shelf). It's a shame to see decent tech serve no purpose. I won't argue with anyone that the old Windows Mobile OS isn't up to the same level of on-the-go user friendliness of modern phones like the iPhone, Android, and Windows Phones, but that doesn't mean it's now a useless hunk of plastic.

15 Windows Keyboard Shortcuts You Probably Don't Know, but Should.

Ask any PC enthusiast what they think about mice, and you'll almost always get a response like, "They're great for sniping in Call of Duty, but for other things it just slows you down." For anything productivity, enthusiasts are mouse haters.

How To Easily Add Plain-Text Pasting to Windows

Copy and paste. Should be simple, right? Although Windows' copy and paste is probably the most often used and most useful functions of all time, the Windows clipboard still has one major flaw - pasting in plain text.

OCZ Enyo USB 3.0 Portable Solid State Drive Review

SSDs or solid state drives are become increasingly popular for two main reasons, one being the fast speed and two being the ruggedness of them. SSDs are normally found in a laptop or a desktop but they can also be used just like a portable hard drive.

Installing the Squeezebox Server on the MediaSmart Server

I recently decided to give the Squeezebox Server on my MediaSmart EX495.  If you are not familiar with any of the Squeezebox products, they are worth looking at if you'd like to have a device that can connect to your stereo and your network, and play your audio files from a centralized file repository.  Squeeze products were originally developed and marketed by a company named Slim Devices, however Slim Devices was purchased by Logitech in 2006.

Adding Storage for Capacity and Redundancy

So, today I decided it was time to add a few drives to my EX495, just to see how it easy it was, expand the capacity, and more importantly, ensure that I had some redundancy in the case of a drive failure.  



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