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Remote Access to My MediaSmart Server

As I mentioned in my 2nd article (Part 2 of Setting IUp my MediaSmart EX495), one other aspect of getting rid of the "network critical" warning on my Home Server Console dashboard was to enable remote access.  As I said before,

Setting Up My MediaSmart EX495 (part 2 of 2)

To recap my experience from Part 1, I had some difficulties getting rid of the NETWORK CRITICAL message once I'd gotten my MediaSmart booted up and on the network.  Turned out to be relatively easy to deal with once I'd figured out the correct order to do things in, but it was not intuitive.  Hopefully, the previous article was helpful.

Picking up where I left off...

Once my red, NETWORK CRITICAL messages finally went away, I still received a couple of warnings (the first related to the lack of antivirus software, which I immediately installed, but had not quite figured out how to activate, and the second related to not having web services enabled).

Setting Up My MediaSmart EX495 (part 1 of 2)

I was nervous about setting up my EX495.  I've built a lot of computers and even deployed some servers without keyboards and monitors, but I've never actually worked with a Windows box designed to function without a monitor and keyboard.  I was certain it would all work, and I'm no stranger to accessing systems over a network, but it still wasn't clear to me how it would all work.  I guess it was time to simply suspend disbelief and follow the instructions.

Why is There an HP MediaSmart Server In My House?

If, a few months ago, anyone told me I'd eventually have an HP MediaSmart Server in my house, I would have laughed them right out of the room. 

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Let's say that you...

See Ya Firefox, I'm Switching Back to Internet Explorer


Yep. You read that right. I know, everywhere else you're reading that Firefox is soooo much better, and that people are switching to it in droves. For me that was three years ago, but now I'm going back.

I'll admit that I don't rag on Microsoft anywhere near as much as other people do. I just don't hate them merely because they're big and control the majority marketshare of desktop and notebooks PCs worldwide, nor do I despise them because Mac people say I should.



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