What is best fix for XBox Kinect fan failure?

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What is best fix for XBox Kinect fan failure?
The fan at the back of the Kinect unit has died.   A friend said to use any fan powered by an external USB source.   But what about the two (of the four total, first two being Plus and Minus Vcc) other wires on the bad fan, RPM and TEMP?   If I put an external fan, powered externally into the same fan opening on the Kinect unit, won't the Kinect motherboard fail to get RPM/TEMP data and halt operation?   If I get and OEM Kinect fan and supplement/splice power from an external source how will the Kinect throttle the cooling fan up or down as needed for cooling, if it doesn have control over the supply voltage?   Another friend said just mount a 4" sqaure boxer fan behind the Kinect unit to push cool air thru the vent ports? Even so, won't I still have to replace OEM fan so correct/needed data is sent to motherboard concerning overheating etc?   One more thing, why does the Kinect unit generate so much heat? There are four sets of cooling fins running the length (10"+) of the Kinect unit? That's a LOT of sq inch cooling area!   Thanks in advance for any input/insight given  

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