Toshiba TP55E81 Rear Projectioin No Picture

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Toshiba TP55E81 Rear Projectioin No Picture

I just replaced both STK392-110 chips on a Toshiba TP55E81 rear projection set that lost the picture. I ordered the chips for $21.95 from because they say they only sell original Sanyo parts. I cleaned the old paste off the heat sinks and applied new paste to both chips. I also checked the resistors to make sure they were within 5% tolerance. I had to replace one 2.2 ohm resistor which was out of tolerance. I got the picture back and the set worked for about an hour. Then, I lost the picture again. I turned it off for a few minutes and the picture came back for a few minutes then I lost the picture again. Now, I can't the picture to came back. While I did have a picture, I was able to adjust the red and blue convergence to get good center convergence. I was unable to adjust the outer edges where blue was out quite a bit. Is it possible I did not get original Sanyo parts? They looked like the ones I removed and felt about the same weight. Is there some way to tell the difference? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance. Frank


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