I have had my rca 40 in tv model number L42FHD37RYX27. Four about five years. I bought it at Aarons. The other day the screen just amplified 5times larger than normal.     I searched online for any information on how to reset tv and could find nothing about it. So I finally found number and called. They wee nasty right off the rip. . Told them what my tv was doing and they said ok. Asked about the warranty on tv. Told them that it didn't have warranty any more. They shut me down right then on the spot and said they are not allowed to try to help fix my tv or even find out what is wrong because of no warranty. Plus the woman was nasty about it. I asked if they could tell me how to do a factory reset or restore of tv. They wouldn't as she nastily told me again that they can't give me no information on my tv again cause warranty. I said so you are saying that you  willingly will not stand by your product and will not tell me how to factory reset my tv. Can anyone help me figure out what i can do to fix my tv. 

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