LG 47LN5400-au No picture does have sound

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LG 47LN5400-au No picture does have sound
Sorry if I'm putting this in the wrong thread, first timer. I have an LG 47LN 5400 I believe LCD. Approximately 2 weeks ago picture look two-dimensional. Picture okay the night before. Not under warranty. Took the back off. Looked at power supply, no Bulgedy Or leaking Capacitors. All screws to the chassis tight, all Molex connectors coming from logic board and take on board all tight. When you would have the TV plug-in you perhaps may have a brief picture showing the menu then goes to bright white. If you were to unplug the television, hold in on the power button for 15 seconds reconnect the power as the TV would come on that is when you would get the menu and then would disappear. I replaced the take on board, with no results. I forgot to mention that it has perfect sound. I re-soldered all capacitors on the power supply board. I'm not quite sure what direction together now. Has anyone experienced this? Or perhaps could give me a little guidance in what direction to take? The TV is only about 2 1/2 years old. Thanks for your time.

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