Sony Projection Convergence Problem

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Sony Projection Convergence Problem

Hello Folks,


I Have a Sony Projection screen television KP-57ws510 with a convergence problem. Back in February of 2013 the Convergence IC's took a dump and i replaced them with Oem Sonyo IC's and everything worked great until last week when the convergence went out again.

I opened the back of the television and noticed that one of the convergence chips and its heatsink was ice cold leading me to believe that one of the pico fuses dropped out.

Sure enough one of the pico fuses on the powersupply board was dead which powers the cold chip. (i tested it with a multimeter)

So i replaced the 5amp pico fuse and the television and its picture worked beautifully for about 20 Minutes before the same fuse blew again? Any ideas what might be causing the fuse to blow? Any suggestions on what i should troubleshoot next?

Any help is appreciated as is your time!

-Here in Philly

Merle walace
I need to know where I can
I need to know where I can get a Manuel for a Sony rear projector television m/n kp57ws510 so I can adjust screen setings
Merle go to    www.manualslib
Merle go to should find it there.

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