New twist on old problem Mitsubishi WS65611 green light

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New twist on old problem Mitsubishi WS65611 green light
Hello All ! Hopefully I'm in the correct area & doing this right. Just joined Techlore & have an issue I'm going to correct; a WS65611 Mitsu that won't power ON. However, my situation is slightly different than others I've read about on here. Instead of a constant blinking green light & not turning ON (panel buttons or remote) my green light comes on when power to unit is turned on, blinks for approx 30sec or so as it always has since new & then stops blinking. At that point you should be able to turn unit ON with remote or at front panel but neither will do so now. Got so we had to cycle power ON, wait for green light to stop blinking & try to turn ON. Turn unit OFF if unsuccessful & try again. Usually after two or so trys it could be turned ON with remote. Now nothing. I did get it to come on by accident one time, when walking over to front panel after trying remote with no luck. Evidently i built up a static charge from the carpet & act of my finger approaching ON button on front panel a static charge jumped from me to button & unit came on. However, I had no volume from set & screen displayed the volume bar with setting showing zero. We worked around this by firing up theatre audio system and manually changing channels if desired. Did manage to check for a code and got, at that time, a "12" which as I understand it is no problems detected. Unit is about 10 yrs old and when on works flawless. Would like to fix as opposed to replace so that's why I'm here.  After reading all I could find on here and a few other sites I'm aware of DM board, capacitors/resistor issue & replacement. What I'd like to hear from the more knowledgable techs on here  is if this is another twist indicating a DM board or something else. If something else please expound as to what & how or where to go to correct. Thank you to all for your input and assistance.

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