Toshiba mod.51h84 rear projection tv.

While I was in the hospital last week with a nasty infection on my leg last week we had a bad storm that messed up our tv. This is the second time this has happened to the unit. Last time after shopping a few days hoping to find a bargain I decided to plug it in and was shocked to hear a click and it went back to doing its job as if nothing ever happened. I thanked The Lord and haven't had any trouble since. I'm on a very limited income so I'm  trying to avoid going though a process of elimination, plus In the past I have wasted perfectly good parts by using that technique. I also checked fuse on the circuit board and I'm getting power through it. That's as deep as I have gone into the set because of my ignorance so any advice on what to do next will be deeply appreciated.   Thank you very much. David D.


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