Mitsubishi Projection TV Won't Converge With New ICs

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Mitsubishi Projection TV Won't Converge With New ICs

Hey there. I've been reading around trying to solve my TV problems and ya'll came up more than once as a good source. So hello, and here we go.

I have a 1999 Mitsubishi Rear Projection TV, model VS-60803. I recently installed new Sanyo ICs I purchased from MCM. Unfortunately this only fixed the blue channel, red still won't converge. I checked the continuity of each pin just to be sure. They're fine.

I checked out the resistance of the resistors in the circuit as well. They all checked out, though I didn't remove them from the board... All the pico fuses checked out as well.

A final thing to note is that when I go into the convergence menus in the TV the text wiggles so much it's barely legible.

Does anyone know what I should check out next? This is a great TV and I would hate to give up if the problem can be fixed with a bit of soldering.


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