wd 62725 solid red error 41

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wd 62725 solid red error 41

I replaced the 8 main problem caps, 4 on dm 4 on fmt, after this I was able to coax the bglod to disappear and tv to power on by unplugging the fmt board. The filter cover wasnt secured and fell off causing the tv to shut down. Now I have a red status light with code 41. Resetting many times with the dm and fmt connected (with fmt disconnected red light wont go away) will bring back the bglod. From that point if I try the fmt trick (unplug) it immediately reverts to sold red. If left at bglod it goes back to red status error 41 after a minute or so of green blinking. From what I understand I need to replace the two 3300 caps on the pcb along with the two 15a 32v pico fuses. Am I on the right track? Any input would be greatly appreciated


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