WIN98SE Driver For GeForce 4 440 Go Video Adapter

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WIN98SE Driver For GeForce 4 440 Go Video Adapter

I have tried just about every driver available wherein some entity is claiming their driver will work for this card in WIN98SE.  Can't get it to happen.  Does anybody out there know if there is eiher a specific driver for that will work in SE or IF there is an alternate driver made for some oth er card that will make this one perform?  I have made modems work with drivers other than put out by the manufacturere of the modem, so I am hoping the same sort of "trick" might work in this senario.  Not being able to make the viseo work propewrly is causing all sorts of problems with my project: To install 98SE on a Dell Latitude C840.

Desperate! Need Help!

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If you have the screen

If you have the screen resolution set higher than what the card is capable of producing it can give you all kinds of distortion and flickering screen problems. So play with the resolution and color bits.


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