System Components & Respective Drivers

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System Components & Respective Drivers

I have always been under the impression that the system components of a given computer remain the same, regardless of the OS installed.  I.E., that no matter what OS you ahve installed, the system components remain the same.  I have encountered something different and don't understand:

The computer is a Dell Latitude C840 Laptop.  The "box" supports bot WIN2k Pro and WinXp Pro OS's.  The machine came with Win2Kpro, but I urgraded it to WinXp Pro and have not used it for quite a while.  SO-I decided to restore the WIN2k Pro OS on the machine so I could try to sell it on ebay, presuming that it is legal to sell it withy the original OS it came with.

After installing WIN2kPro back to the system, I encountered a non-working component (namely: PCTEL 2304WT v.92 MDC Modem) and have not been able to get it working properly although I have installed the proper driver, which I obtained from

After countless hours of attempting to get this isue resolved, I decided to restore the XP OS to the machine and compare things in the Device Manager.  Here is where I noticed glaring differences.  The 2kPro OS recognizes the Chipset as an Intel 830/845 while the XP OS says it is an Intel 82801/82845.  The 2kPro OS says it has a Crystal 4205 Audio Card, but the XP OS recognizes an Intel 82801 CA/CAM A'97 Audio Controller.

The end result here is the issue with the non-operative modem with the 2kPro system, which I have been unable to reslove.  I HAVE determined the problem is not the device itself (since it works fine in XP, but doesn;t in 2kPro).  Any helpful hints would be appreciated, but my thoughts at this point are leading me to copying all the driver files from the XP OS located in Win/Sys32/drivers to a unique folder (e.g. Win/sys32/drivers_xp) in xpPro and then try them out.  Anyone got any better suggestions? Can answer here or email  Thanks.





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