The hawk jungle master jm-029 jm029 machete review.

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The hawk jungle master jm-029 jm029 machete review.

Bought this thinking it would be great around the house. It was anything but. After 3 swings the handle, that I questioned before I bought it, broke. Manufacturers defect there is only one inch of the blade inside of the PLASTIC handle. Who would have guessed that wouldn't have lasted long!!! If I had known that before I bought it I wouldn't have done so. But since there were no reviews on this product I surely did not think anyone would be dumb enough to make such a dangerous product to the user. Now I am stuck fixing the manufactures defect by finding a piece of steel the same thickness grinding and welding it to the stub they called a handle and making my own handle so I don't have to hold a thin piece of steel to swing it.




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