RCA 39 inch hdtv

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jazzy joe
RCA 39 inch hdtv

Withing the last 2 months I purchased an RCA 39" flatscreen tv model #39lb45rq. I have cable hooked up to it. It's been working fine until now. Now when the tv is turned on via the remote, The power light turns on on the tv but then after about 20 seconds or so the power light goes back to red. This red light does not turn off. The power to the screen never comes on. No sound, no nothing. Just that little light going on and then going to red. Has anyone else had this happen?

I have a RCA HDTV that is
I have a RCA HDTV that is gradually haveing a solid white streaky color going up the screen.  it is half way there and you can only see the top half of the picture.  I dont know what is wrong with it .  Can some one help

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