Where are the fuses on my vizio m420vt led tv?

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Where are the fuses on my vizio m420vt led tv?

Recently my vizio m420vt was deemed unrepairable due to a corroded tcon connection. I was reimbursed and was told to keep the TV. I read that they can be cleaned with an eraser head and alcohol. I took the back panel off, cleaned the tcon connection and ribbon (they cleaned up pretty good I think). Now, when I took off the metal plate that covers the tcon, I set it on top of the power supply board. It totally slipped my mind and I proceeded to plug in the TV to see if I cleaned it enough when I hear a pop and see a spark. I unplugged it and noticed where it made contact and left a burnt mark. TV will not power on no more. I assume I blew a fuse but can't find any like the ones I'm used to seeing so I guess i just don't know it looks like.

Which ones are the fuses? Do I just check them for continuity? Can I replace them?

Or does it not have anything to do with the fuses?

Thanks any help would be appreciated.



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