Panisonic PT-53WX54J

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Panisonic PT-53WX54J

While watching a movie, my projection television just went to a vertical blue/red/green line and shortly there after the sound quit as well. I'd like to fix it but I don't know where to start.


any suggestions?

mel 420
Correction, the sound is now

Correction, the sound is now working perfectly. After removing the backing I've noticed that the three projection assemblies are in fact on but only showing blue, red, and green. I hope this is a simple fix.

mel 420
I've also now read the

I've also now read the techlore rules on what they will not answer:
- TechLore values the safety of its members, so any question asking how to service your television or other device will not be answered by our experts.

Considering that I've ask that, I guess I will restructure my question...

When the television is only showing the vertical line which includes green, blue, and red coloring, What could be wrong with the device?


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