Mitsubishi WS-65908 Screen Goes Blue - DTV Inputs

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Mitsubishi WS-65908 Screen Goes Blue - DTV Inputs

I have a Mitsubishi WS-65908 rear projection TV that was purchased in the fall of 2001.  This TV has the V17+++ Chassis.  I'm experiencing an issue as follows:

I have a Verizon FIOS HD box connected to the DTV inputs feeding 1080i.

Several times a day when the TV is on, the screen loses the picture and goes blue (the same as when there is no input).

After several seconds the picture comes back.

We have a Wii connected to the Component 1 inputs and there is no issue with the screen going blue.  This leads me to believe that the issue is isolated to the DTV inputs.

Several weeks ago I connected my HD video camera to the DTV inputs.  I didn’t turn off power to the TV when I did this (I know I should have).  The problem with the screen going blue started right after this.

I'd appriciate any inputs on how to fix this issue.  About four years ago the convergance amplifier chips went on this TV.  I ordered repalcements and installed them myself.  I'm an EE so I do understand technical directions




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