Mitsu WS65909 No Red R speaker not working

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Mitsu WS65909 No Red R speaker not working

Hi All
I to replaced the C chip in my ws65909 the picture had a nasty wave going across the screen at the top. Well after i changed it the color is not right it looks kinda sepia toneish with blue, and whites look yellow and no red at all. cant change format at all with the remote. DVD's look great while playing also pc plays through front imput 5 ports fine wierd but right side speaker now has a buzz in it left side sounds fine. The soldering i did looked good to me I had a de soldiering tool which worked great also. I used it when I had to change the capacitors cause of the green blinking light issue 2 years ago. Maybe I have something plugged back in wrong not sure anyone have pics of theres before they un did all the wires could be helpful also my email is if i can get an open dialog with a tech that would be awesom. Thanks to all this and forums like it are so dam helpful kinda makes the project fun and gets my kids into the way of thinking that they can fix anything if they try. bye


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