Inspiron 1545/Sharpe Aquos LC-20B2E connection

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Inspiron 1545/Sharpe Aquos LC-20B2E connection

Hi there,

I'm thinking I could connect these two items in another room as an alternative to using the VGA/VGA connection to my main Samsung HDTV as a monitor. What cabling to use?

The inspiron has VGA out socket & audio out as 3.5mm jack socket.

(NB: audio shouldn't be a problem as I can use an existing cable (3.5male/3.5male) with a 3.5 female to R & W RCA male adapter)

The Sharpe LCD TV has the following:

1. AV IN 1: RGB via 21 pin Euroscart socket

2. AV IN 2: SVIDEO via  4-pin Svideo socket, VIDEO (composite?) & AUDIO via R/Y/W RCA sockets

3. AVS IN: SVIDEO via  4-pin Svideo socket


I posess a RCA male/RCA male (R/Y/W) cable, a VGA male/RCA male video component (RGB) cable and a 21-pin Euroscart plug.

Could I get an adapter (VGA male/RCA female) and connect using the RCA/RCA cable or cannabilise the VGA/RCA component video cable with the Euroscart plug and what would be the schematic? Or am I completely fantasising about the whole idea?

Any help/advice greatfully received.


You could do what I done. It

You could do what I done. It only cost me around 100$ for a permanent solution. Get a pc to video ez you connect your monitor cable output from the tower to this then the output from this with av cables to an rf modulator from the modulator out put with coax cable to the tv or the cable companies box out side so you can watch it in every room of the house.

Oh and plus the pc to video

Oh and plus the pc to video ez is powered via a usb cable so when you shut the comp down it turns off. The rf modulator that I got has a function where if there is now signal going to it it will turn itself off.


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