presario intel board d865gbf

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eric vista
presario intel board d865gbf



Here is the question you asked  It is  Windows Edition

Windowsxp-Windows7 Viena Service Pack 3 Version 2008-2009

System intel(R) Celeron(R) C.P.U. 2.8Gh 1.48GB Ram 32 BIT Operating

The Graphics is on the intel board  also when I play the video it is a bit grainy

so do you think it is the Graphics board tryed to down load from intel site and still will not let me down load the graphics update

eric vista

It would better help me

It would better help me understand what the question was if you would post replies on the page where the questions were asked? Instead of creating a new thread to reply. Your system is fairly decent, enough to play videos anyway. Your Internet speed could play a role, what video player are you using to watch the video? Flash or windows or QuickTime or ..... If its flash player it may need to be updated. Have you checked device manager to see if you have any conflicts or bad drivers? If you have an onboard graphics card,built into the mother board, instead of a pci card, stand alone and doesn't use the system processes as much. Then it may need an update you could find an updated driver for it by googling your model # specifications and it should pull up the manufactures page there should be a link for the factory drivers somewhere click it then there will be an updated version of those drivers. Also what resolution do you have your screen set to, may be a factor.


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