vhs dvd problem

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vhs dvd problem

I've a problem. Recently I have got Beyonce's a DVD-disk «I Am... World Tour» also wanted to copy it for the younger sister. However when I have tried to copy it that on the TV screen there was inscription COPY PROTECTED. I have paid almost $20 and my property I can do this disk with it that I want as have paid to the legal owner. Now one I sit at night and I try to give a gift to the sister, but I understand that my gift she won't wait. Please advise as to solve my problem, I have been assured that at someone it too

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I can see they have a new

I can see they have a new product - Grex.
Any references about it?
Here is the link (somehow it is not easy to find from the web site) http://www.xdimax.com/grex/grex.html


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