presario intel board d865gbf

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eric vista
presario intel board d865gbf



thank you for the telling me what to do

Tryed to load the software in safe mode no good so I had a spair sata hdd

from a pc that blue up the power supply

with windows xp on it put it in and worked ok so to me it looks like the hdd is us

now the problem is that when i play a d.v.d the d.v.d starts then frezzes up for a second and then back on again normal then frezzes again for one second then back to normal to

the end of the movie

could you please tell me how to rectify the problem

eric vista 

I would need more info on the

I would need more info on the setup you have CPU ram graphics card what speed your disk drive is but it sounds as if the computer is just to old.


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