High Performance In-Ear Headphones

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High Performance In-Ear Headphones

So naturally, her signature Heartbeats in-ear beats by dre headphones from Beats by Dr. Dre give you both sound that transcends the ordinary headphone along with a fashion-forward style created by Gaga herself. Newly improved with smaller and lighter housing for a better in-ear fit and thinner tangle-free cord, you have fashion and function in one! Now equipped with ControlTalk Universal™, you can take calls from any smartphone and conduct your business in style!
Although not a true ’active/powered’ noise-canceler like the full-size Dr.Dre Studio model,  michael jackson beats by dre SOLO headphones have closed-back sealed earcups that attenuate some ambient noises. The SOLO-Black have plush matching black earpads especially engineered for this headphone; the SOLO-White model comes with the same soft pads but in a cool grey color. The easily detachable Monster Solo headphone cable contains the CT housing & mic assembly; the solid feel of the CT button makes it easy to operate. The SOLO earcups are hinged for full foldability & storage, making these perfect for toting inside your carry-on bag or backpack to rock your travels anywhere you go.
The Monster Beats by Dre Studio full-size noise-canceling headphones have taken over Headphone World due to their killer cutting-edge style and big sound. These less expensive monster beats by dre SOLO HD headphones are slightly smaller and more lightweight designed for portable or active uses sans ‘active’ noise-cancellation — but without scrimping on world-famous Dr.Dre sound. Full collapsibility for ease of travel. Choose your color.
"When you realize that a whole generation of people are listening to music for the first time ever-ever-through those tiny, tiny earbuds, you realize we've got a problem," he says, his voice rising with emotion. "In the last decade, everyone's been focused on the stealing. But that's just the record industry losing its business model. What's happening simultaneously, and not enough people are paying attention to, is that it's also losing its soul through the degradation of sound."


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