Samsung HLP4663W lamp replace

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Samsung HLP4663W lamp replace

I have a Samsung HLP4663W DLP TV that just quit working. The front of the TV has three lights illuminated that suggest that the lamp may need replacing. I removed the lamp from the TV and noticed that the bulb is broken. I am not sure if this a "normal" failure mode for the lamp or not. Doing some searching on the web for a replacement lamp, I came across a few sites where others had similar problems and replaced the lamp, then found that the ballast board or the power board or both needed replacing.

I applied power to the TV with the lamp cover removed ( holding safety cover switch), and noticed that as the TV tries to start, the fans turn on, then there is a brief period where there is some arcing taking place in the lamp bulb(where it is cracked?) This turn on process is repeated a few times then the three lamps on the front of the TV illuminates.

 I also removed the lamp, then applied power and could see the color wheel turning. As well while the TV was attempting to turn on, I measured the input voltage to the ballast board (brown and blue wires), I measured between 321 and 332 V DC.  I did not see a service manual for this particular TV, but did notice in another Samsung manual that this voltage on the schematic was 380 VDC. Is there a range of acceptable voltages for this point? It seemed that this voltage was slowly increasing, could it rise to 380V if the TV was able to power up.

I don't want to spend a lot of money on the TV as it is 7 years old. I am planning to try a new lamp, but before I do was hoping to find out if there is something else that has caused the lamp to break.

Thanks for any information.



Although i didnt check the voltage output my TV is doing the exact same thing. Was is the bulb after all?


Yes, I replaced the bulb and

Yes, I replaced the bulb and TV has been working fine since then.


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